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Spa and wellness in Tuscany, just a step away from the B & B La piana

La Piana Bed and Breakfast is the perfect starting point to discover surprising places and landscapes immersed in the green of Tuscany, such as the Grotta Giusti of Monsummano Terme and the adjacent Spas, reachable by car with a very short distance.

The cave was discovered fortuitously in 1849 by some workers who work at the lime quarry of the Giusti family (yes, just the family of the famous poet Giuseppe Giusti, and the reason why the cavity bears his name).
The cavity that stretches for almost 300, defined by the poet as "eighth wonder of the world" is divided into labyrinths and caves, filled with stalactites and stalagmites to end with a thermal water pond at 36 ° on the bottom, which emanates therapeutic vapors and pampers the visitor in a sort of natural sauna.


Today in these places you can find a fabulous spa, where in addition to the cave route (with a constant temperature of 34 ° and a humidity rate of 90%, which allows effective anthrotherapy treatments), a beautiful swimming pool has been created open with waterfalls and whirlpools at a constant temperature of 35 °, and where it is possible to make a wide range of beauty and spa treatments.

For diving enthusiasts it is also recommended to dive in the underground lake of the cave, a truly magical experience!


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