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Pistoia capital of culture 2017

Our B&B is located in the province of Pistoia, a small town at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines named Italian Capital of Culture for the year 2017 for its ancient origin (Roman), for its extraordinary artistic and architectural heritage, and for the great attention of citizens and institutions towards the promotion of projects aimed at enhancing its traditions.

It is a place full of churches, palaces and cloisters, in whose center is located the wonderful Piazza del Duomo with the extraordinary buildings that overlook it: the Town Hall, the baptistery, the Praetorian Palace, the Cathedral of San Zeno and the ancient palace of the bishops, as well as the grandeur of the bell tower.

It is a city made up of narrow streets and small streets, inside what were once the ancient walls, where we come across continuously artistic excellences such as the frieze we have of the Ospedale del Ceppo, the small parish church of Sant'Andrea inside you can admire the pulpit of Giovanni Pisano, the characteristic church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas, emblem of the architectural style renamed "Romanesque Pistoia" for the use of polychrome marble.

And not to forget even the "belly" just take a break in the delightful Piazza della Sala, very close to Piazza del Duomo, which hosts the local fruit and vegetable market and is surrounded by innumerable clubs and restaurants where you can refresh yourself with the typical dishes of the Pistoia tradition.

One for all? The convict ... His particular name is the direct consequence of his origin; he was born in the prison of Santa Caterina in brana in Pistoia (still existing place) where the guards and prisoners were given the scraps of slaughter from the nearby municipal slaughterhouses to compose a more substantial (and very tasty) dish of bread and water”.


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