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In Tuscany, food is seasonal!

In Tuscany, food is seasonal!

Tuscany, as we know, is renowned all over the world for the excellence and quality of its food and wine products, and never as in this period of the year it is possible to find an extraordinary concentration of events aimed at making known and above all tasting what better our land can offer.
So here is October is the perfect month to stay a few days in Tuscany and do not miss a rich calendar of food and wine tasting events:
from the many chestnut festivals, such as that of Marroni or Caprese Michelangelo in the country of Florence, to events dedicated to chocolate lovers (and historic villages!) such as Montecarlo Chocolate in the country of Lucca, to the many events where the protagonists are the our delicious Tuscan wines, like the Pisa Food and Wine at the Leopolda station in Pisa, and the Vinoè event in Florence in the month of November set up splendid Stazione Leopolda.

End of October and November are the perfect months to taste local products of excellence, such as truffles (to which a special market is dedicated) in Volterra, where you can also appreciate a unique architectural heritage.

Taste then and leave a little 'space in your suitcase to take home with you a piece of Tuscany to savor!


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