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Experience the Tuscan Apennines and the Pistoia mountains

Among all the landscapes and activities that Tuscany offers to visitors, for us the Montagna Pistoiese holds a special place, both because our hills are its last slopes and because it contains an atmosphere full of traditions and foreshortenings unchanged for centuries.

Located on the southern slope of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the Pistoia mountain includes many historic mountain villages made of steep and characteristic streets and small towns such as Abetone, Cutigliano, San Marcello, Piteglio and Sambuca Pistoiese, as well as Pescia and the Pesciatina, Montale and Pistoia which are territories only partly mountain.

The landscape in front of you is characterized by high peaks such as the open book, the Three Powers and the Corno alle scale, interspersed with valleys, rivers, chestnut and coniferous woods, perfect for lovers of trekking or relaxing walks. open air due to the presence of many paths of the Italian Alpine Clup (CAI), or for all biking enthusiasts.
There are many shelters that can be reached and where to refresh after the fatigue of the journey: from the Rifugio Acquerino, to the Montanaro hut at the Bivacco del Lago Nero (beautiful lake of glacial origin).

On the way to reach the main places you come across a very special attraction: the suspension bridge. Crossing it will make your heart beat ... why? because it oscillates a lot at your every step and the base allows you to see the valley, not suitable therefore if suffering from vertigo !!
The whole area is rich in "forest" products: from mushrooms, usually in the period of September and October, to forest fruits and in particular blueberries, to chestnuts, and you can find them in a fresh or processed version (such as jams, flour etc.) in stores in the area.


Marmellata di mirtilli
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So ready to leave? From our Bed and Breakfast you can organize a day trip, reaching the mountain in about 90 minutes. Here you find detailed directions to get to your destination!


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