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A green valley: the Swiss Pesciatina

The hills that embrace our Valdinievole are all enchanting and bewitching us, but there is an area in particular, the so-called "Svizzera pesciatina" that reminds us of a unique landscape for Tuscany, much to remember far more "Nordic" views, almost alpine, for which it takes its name.
It is an area easily accessible from our Bed and breakfast by car or by bus, halfway between the hills and the mountains, which rises above the town of Pescia and very close to the birthplace of Pinocchio, Collodi.
The name of Svizzera Pesciatina was given by the historian, writer and economist Jean Charles Sismondi, a Genevan of Italian origin who fell in love with these places that reminded him of his country, bought the Villa di Valchiusa and made it his home , the Municipal Library).

In addition to the vegetation, the views and incredible views, here are the so-called 10 Castella, or 10 tiny villages perched on as many hills: Pietrabuona, Fibbialla, Medicine, Aramo, Sorana, San Quirico, Vellano, Castelvecchio, Stiappa and Pontito.
Each country has its own traditions, but in all you can find exquisite dishes and typical products such as the Sorana bean of DOP denomination, whose characteristic is the very thin skin, which once cooked is almost imperceptible and one with the pulp.


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